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My Shoot with Will Brandt

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This is the first attempt in a series of multimedia collaborative shoots with artists. My goal is to challenge myself to approach image creation more conceptually. I want to flex some muscles around producing, thinking more deeply about image narrative and closely collaborating with like minded artists. So far, I've determined I can do about one of these a month with my current work load. I'll be taking July-September off for my busiest work season and some personal travel but hope to revisit these again come October 2023. Thanks for being here to check it out.

The Paintings

I knew I wanted to make something with Will back in 2018 and had ideas of a short film swirling around in my brain but then life and pandemic and we drifted into a social media friendship. About six months ago he posted an image of a painting he had made in his stories and I stared at it for a long time. I immediately knew I wanted to photograph him with it. Turns out he started painting these faces after a long term relationship breakup last year. His apartment was stacked with them and only friends had seen.

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