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'What Drowning Looks Like' a short film by Courtney Hope Therond that follows an American tourist through Barcelona as she processes an unexpected trauma while on a whirlwind get away. Shot on location in Barcelona, Spain. Co-produced and starring Angeliea.

Updated October 2022

'Behind The Yellow House' a pilot for a new period piece set in the 1960's following a young girl as she faces the family and expectations she was born into. Angeliea joined this New Mexico cast and crew to play the effusive, unassuming cult member who draws others in. Check out the IMDB page for release updates.

Updated October 2022

Screen Shot 2021-07-30 at 12.12.12 AM.png
Born to See_Laurels-APR15-2021-PNG.PNG

'Born To See' a short drama, written & directed by first time filmmaker Kristina Usaite. Angeliea plays a down on her luck, young mother who is struggling to give her blind son autonomy as he navigates public school for the first time. After a successful festival run, this short film is now streaming for the public on Vimeo.

Updated October 2022

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